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What LoveUnlimited does

Throughout the years LoveUnlimited Ministries has organized several conferences, seminars and theme-evenings in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Throughout the years LoveUnlimited Ministries has organized several conferences, seminars and theme-evenings in The Netherlands and Belgium. The ministry is mainly known for the Heart of Worship Conferences with Terry MacAlmon and Craig & Gail Docksteader, but also for the Anointing Oil teachings and the book about the Anointing and Anointing Oil, called 'The Anointed Bride'.

In 2017 the Word of the Lord came that He was about to prune us, for He wanted us to bare more fruit. Shortly thereafter the Dutch government decided to persecute us and falsely accused us of fraud. According to them we should have asked their permission in order to organize Church meetings, to preach and to pray. Besides that they also labeled all the expenses of the ministry as our personal expenses and the income of the ministry as our personal income, which - according to them - we should have reported as such. All these claims are not only false, but also in contrary to the Dutch law, the Constitution and the human rights. Yet nobody seems to care. Unfortunately and up until now all the Dutch judges agreed with them and the injustice is still ongoing.

This situation has caused us to lose all of our income, we were evicted from our home, we're currently homeless, we're not allowed to work in our own country (until we have a home again), according to the Dutch law we're unable to get a home (until we have an income again), the fines and debts rose up until 150K, we've been thrown out of the health insurance and the government has registered us as non residents of The Netherlands. An impossible situation where we can never escape from on our own power. Most of the legal means are already exhausted, but an appeal at the High Court is scheduled for the summer of 2020. A more detailed description of this situation can be found in the book 'Never living a lie again', which was recently published.

At the moment it is impossible for us to move either way. We're not allowed to work and we can't organize anything at this moment, since all our constitutional rights and human rights seem to have been revoked and our lives seem to be ruined. All we can do is to focus on God and to wait for Him, which is easy to say but much harder to do in such a situation. Our orders from above are to stand down for the moment. Therefore we are currently doing 'nothing' in a meaningful way, while we're waiting for God to speak over our lives and situation again. Only He can save us from this situation and restore us.

Some wonder if they should give to a ministry that seems to do 'nothing'. We're sorry, but we're not the begging type of ministry. The ONLY right motivation to give is when the Holy Spirit tells you to do so. If He does, it doesn't really matter what we do or don't do, all that matters is obedience to Him. If He doesn't tell you to give, it doesn't matter what we do either. You just shouldn't give when He doesn't tell you so. It's that easy. God knows how to provide for us, whether that is through you or through someone else. He is our Provider.