The fruits of Jezebel and Ahab (Part 5)

In the past parts of this study, we say already many fruits from Jezebel and Ahab described. In this part we are going to look at the specific fruits. But before you continue, please keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that someone has the spirit of Jezebel or Ahab, when you see one or two fruits that you recognize. It is possible, but it’s not a fact until the Holy Spirit confirms it or when you start to recognize other fruits as well. We need to test everything before we draw any conclusions, otherwise we can damage and divide, which is also an aim of satan. Gods aim is to unite and to have a united bride. But not at any cost. The Holy Spirit in us cannot be one with evil spirits, nor wants to have part of their works. So the evil spirits need to be exposed and cast out. The people can stay, if they are willing to repent, but the spirits need to be cast out. One of the most important fruits of true repentance is when you see true humility in a persons life and a desire to serve, instead of ruling. Now let’s look at the fruits of Jezebel and Ahab.

The fruits of the spirit of Jezebel

  1. Seducing and blinding. In the first place, Jezebel is called a seducing spirit. She will come with sweet words, saying things that sound reasonable, even close to the truth. This can only be detected when we stay alert, focused on the Holy Spirit, while testing everything. Once she manages to make someone fall for her tricks, she will immediately make this person spiritual blind and deaf for the truth. In other words, even if this person wants to, he is no longer able to see or hear the truth. 
  2. Appointing herself. Jezebel loves to appoint herself. She also loves to use a title in front of her name. Many “Jezebels” call their selves apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist or another respectable title. They unrightfully demand acknowledgement of her in the role of that title, in many cases even demanding to be called by that title. However, fact is that only God appoints His servants. A true servant of the Lord will never exalt himself, but only the One Who appointed him. A true servant will not feel the need to use a title, in order to be respected (Gal 1:10). 
  3. Unrightfully gaining authority. Jezebel doesn’t ask, she takes. Bit by bit, or everything at once. She will try to act in roles of authority. When the leaders don’t stop her, what they are supposed to do, then she will gain authority. Again, where she gains authority, she will cause spiritual blindness and deafness. By taking Gods life bit by bit, she brings spiritual death. The church is called to rule the world, not to be ruled by anything or anyone else then the by God appointed leaders of the church. 
  4. Self promoting. Jezebel loves to hear herself talk. She will talk a whole lot, and after that talk a bit more. She feels that only what she says is important, and everyone should listen to her. She will promote herself and what she does. She will talk about what a great relationship she has with God. She will tell that God talks to her all the time. False prophecies are a very common thing. She will not tolerate anyone questioning what she says. 
  5. Refusing to repent. The people who are being controlled by Jezebel, are convinced that they are doing the right thing and that they’re saying all the right words. They justify their deeds and words and therefore refuse to repent. 
  6. Subjecting men. The women who are being controlled by Jezebel, will subject men to their selves. She has the irresistible desire to reign over men, although she might not realize it knowingly. Her acts will show that this is true. 
  7. Worshiping idols. In the previous parts of this study, I mentioned that there are several ways of worship. Anything that takes the first place in your life, anything that takes the place of Jesus in your life, is an idol. So Jezebel simply makes something else the first priority. She doesn’t leave Jesus out, she just takes His rightful first place. A few examples of what can take the place of Jesus are signs, miracles, prayers, prophecies, religion, structures, rules etc. We need distinction to recognize this happening. 
  8. Witchcraft. The sin of witchcraft is a combination of the sins of control, manipulation and intimidation, which are all fruits of pride. Those tools are use commonly by Jezebels. Those fruits are a few of the first fruits that become visible when Jezebel has infiltrated and gained authority.
  9. Hysterical reaction when exposed. When Jezebel is finally exposed, she will always react hysterical. She never wants to go away quietly. The good thing is, once she is exposed, something can be done. But at the moment she is exposed, and reacting hysterical, she will use all her tools to regain control again.
  10. Turning facts around. As soon as Jezebel is confronted with her evil works, she will turn everything around and tell you that she is not wrong, but you are. She is very convincing in doing that. In many cases, people around her will believe her. She is known for her behavior of twisting and turning.
  11. Openly and publicly accusing someone. She will openly and publicly accuse children and servant of God. Not with true accusations, but with her lies and twisted truth. She will make people believe that a person fell for some sort of sin, to justify her own acts. Also in this case she will direct all the attention to herself. However, this is not how the Holy Spirit works. The Holy Spirit convinces of sin. There is only one figure in the Bible who is called “the accuser”. Let me give you a hint: it isn’t God.
  12. False testimonies. Jezebel will also make others share false testimonies about children and servants of the Lord. First she makes them believe the lies that she made up, then she makes them share the false testimonies. At this moment in time, many servants of the Lord are testified against and falsely accused. Especially in The Netherlands.
  13. Destroying and killing. The aim of Jezebel is the same as the aim of her master, satan, which is to kill and destroy. Everywhere where she can do her work, she will leave a trail of destruction and death. You will see works in churches and ministries slowly fade, until the destruction is complete and the work is death, leaving behind a lot of hurt people.
  14. Religious spirit. Jezebel loves to work with her friend, the religious spirit. She will use religious motivations for her accusations, false testimonies and destruction. She will pretend that she did it all in the name of the Lord or that the Lord told her to do so. And yes, she knows the word of God as well and will use it in her own way. In the Bible we can also see that satan tried to use the word of God against Jesus, when He was in the desert.
  15. Turning people against each other. Not only will Jezebel make people spread her false testimonies, she will also turn people against each other. Now where did we hear that before? Read Matthew 10:21,22. 

The fruits of the spirit of Ahab

 Let’s be clear, the spirit of Jezebel truly is a monster, but the first who is to blame is Ahab. If Ahab would have used his authority in the right way, and if he really would have focused on God, then Jezebel never would have had a chance. Jezebel will get what she deserves, but God will hold the leaders responsible in the first place. 

“Now let no man contend, or rebuke another; For your people are like those who contend with the priest. Therefore you shall stumble in the day; The prophet also shall stumble with you in the night; and I will destroy your mother. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. “The more they increased, the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame. They eat up the sin of My people; They set their heart on their iniquity. And it shall be: like people, like priest. So I will punish them for their ways, and reward them for their deeds. For they shall eat, but not have enough; they shall commit harlotry, but not increase; Because they have ceased obeying the Lord.
Hosea 4:4-10

Now let’s take a look at the fruits of Ahab. 

  1. Refusing to repent. Ahab rather wants to justify his acts, then to repent. He doesn’t have to do much for that, because Jezebel will always help him to justify his deeds. While she whispers in his ear, he just says what she says, believing that he did nothing wrong.
  2. Squandering authority. Although Ahab loves to have authority, he only uses it when it serves him best. But when he really needs to take authority, he does nothing. While he has the duty to act, he just leans back and let everything happen.
  3. Submitting to false authority. The only authority a leader should submit himself to, is to the authority of Jesus Christ. He should be the Leader of the leaders. Instead of that, leaders who controlled by Ahab, are submitting their selves to Jezebels. From that moment, they are spiritual blind and deaf for the works of this monster.
  4. Worshiping idols. In the previous parts of this study, I mentioned that there are several ways of worship. Anything that takes the first place in your life, anything that takes the place of Jesus in your life, is an idol. Ahab will follow Jezebel, while she simply makes something else the first priority. She doesn’t leave Jesus out, she just takes His rightful first place. A few examples of what can take the place of Jesus are signs, miracles, prayers, prophecies, religion, structures, rules etc. We need distinction to recognize this happening.
  5. Not taking responsibility. Ahab will allow Jezebel to take over at many points and moments. He will just stand and watch it happen, while doing nothing. He has the responsibility of his position, he has the responsibility over Jezebel (who handles in his name and with his authority), but yet he will not take any responsibility for his of her actions. 
  6. Taking what’s not rightfully his. Ahab will lust after many things he sees. But he will also take what is not rightfully his. While he lets Jezebel spread her false testimonies and accusations, he takes away churches, ministries and all sort of work from the true servants of the Lord. Although he will be held accountable to God, it does happen in the churches and ministries of today.
  7. Loves to have a position, but hates confrontation. Not only does Ahab hate responsibility, he also hates confrontation. He will always try to avoid it, and to let Jezebel deal with the situation. 
  8. Being blinded. There are many Churches, where people wonder why the leaders don’t see what’s going on. Well, that might be because they are spiritually blinded. That is what happens to leaders who gave in to Jezebel and who are now controlled by the spirit of Ahab.
  9. Blaming others. Ahab always chooses the easiest way. When his mistakes come out, he just blames someone else for it. This is also a part of his lack of responsibility.
  10. Playing the victim/self pity. The next phase in blaming others, is to play the victim. Everything was done to him. He really couldn’t help it. He is so pitiful. Don’t fall for it, but test everything. 

 “A true servant of the Lord is not recognized by his lack of mistakes, he is recognized by (the spiritual maturity of) how he deals with his mistakes”