Essential oils versus Anointing Oils: Are they the same?

Many of you know me for my book 'The Anointed Bride: Discover the ancient truth about Anointing and Anointing Oil', which was published in 2016. Because of my book, I have received numerous questions about Anointing Oils, but also about essential oils. It's interesting to see was that these questions came from all layers, from Church visitors to Church leadership. To me it is such a great joy to see how the knowledge of the Anointing and Anointing Oil is being restored, after so many centuries of absence. Even though that knowledge is still spreading around slowly. However, more and more often I see and hear people assume that essential oils are in fact the same as Anointing Oils. I hear how people are using essential oils to Anoint others and themselves. I've also been asked if I am using essential oils as well and if I would be interested in it. Since these questions are increasing, I've decided to answer all these questions in one article. So here it is.

One of the Bible verses that speak most to me, in regard to the Anointing, is the following.

This is He who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth. For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness on earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.
1 John 5:6-8

Here we see the part about the three witnesses, which most Christians don't know anything about. First, we see the three witnesses in Heaven; the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. It is interesting the see that the Word is mentioned here, for you would expect this verse to say, 'the Son'. Yet that is exactly what this verse is saying, for Christ is the Word that became flesh (John 1:1-5). It was the Word, spoken by the Father, which sounded in Heaven and found its way to earth, to become flesh and live among us. So, the three witnesses in Heaven are indeed the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one.

Now it is important to understand that Heaven is not the only spiritual place. We often assume that Heaven and the spiritual world are all above us, but the fact is that the spiritual world is not just above us. It's among us. It's all around us. We can't see it, but it's there. That spiritual world runs parallel to our natural world. In other words, what we see in our natural world is a result of what already took place in the spiritual world. What already took place in the spiritual world can be made manifest (or accessed) in our natural world by faith. Let me give you an example.

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.
Isaiah 53:5

This doesn't tell us that we were healed by His stripes, it doesn't tell us that we will be healed by His stripes. It says we ARE healed by His stripes. The way to access that, to make it manifest in our natural world, is by faith. That faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). That means that if we lack faith, we can build it by proclaiming the Word of God, until all barriers of unbelief are broken, and the miracle becomes manifest. Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it takes years, depending on how much faith that needs to be build, how much unbelief needs to be broken down and the purpose that God has with a situation. Once our faith has become a stronghold in the spiritual world, the results are released in the natural world.

With that in mind, there are also three witnesses on earth, which are described as the Spirit, the water and the blood. Yet these three are all spiritual things and are in the spiritual world around us. They are invisible to us, although we know they are here on earth. Then what is the point of contact? For we need each of those three witnesses and we need to make it practical, so that the testimony becomes visible and tangible. The answers are very simple.

The Blood

In the spiritual world around us, the Blood of Jesus is still present, still witnessing. The Blood washes our sins away and cleanses us from our sinful past. What is the point of contact, the practical and tangible thing? It is the Lord's supper. How much do we need it? Daily! Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Read John 6:53, Acts 2:46.

The Water

In the spiritual world around us, the water is still present, still witnessing. The water cleanses and purifies our thoughts, preventing us from falling and from heading to destruction again. It enables us to grow spiritually and to grow in faith, which opens the door to everything God has to offer us! What is the point of contact, the practical and tangible thing? It is the Word of God. Your Bible. How much do we need it? Daily! Read Hosea 4:6, John 15:3.

The Spirit

In the spiritual world around us, the Spirit is still present, still witnessing. The Spirit sanctifies us, resulting in complete restoration, which enables us to live as God created us to be. At that point the full power of God is being released into our lives. What is the point of contact, the practical and tangible thing? It is Anointing Oil. How much do we need it? Daily! That is for personal use. The people of Israel in the Old Testament, Jesus Christ, His disciples, all the first Christians and all the Christians up until the ninth century Anointed themselves daily. The Anointing of others should only be done as the Holy Spirit instructs. The Anointing signifies the end of mourning, full restoration and a new beginning. Read Isaiah 10:27, Isaiah 61:3.

The evil one robbed the Church of its power

During the ninth century the devil has attacked the Church specifically on these three witnesses, through corrupt Church leadership. The Lord's supper was no longer administered daily, and ordinary people were forbidden to do this outside of a church building. From there it became a hollowed-out version of what it had been. The Word of God was translated in Latin only and all common languages were strictly forbidden. Even the sermons were only done in Latin, which no one understood. Thus, the knowledge disappeared. The personal use of Anointing Oil became strictly forbidden. Only the corrupt leaders were allowed to use it and they were only willing to use it for the sick. Until they considered that to be a burden as well. From that point forth they would only Anoint someone when they were about to die. It was only a few decades ago that the Roman Catholic Church came back on that decision and started to Anoint the sick again. Still many Catholic people are terrified when they see Anointing Oil, because they associate it with death, while in fact it has everything to do with life. After these new sanctions they implemented in the ninth century, all that was left was a lifeless and powerless Church. If you can even still call it a Church. The Holy Spirit had left the building. How was the enemy able to use this corrupt leadership? Because of their urge for control. What is that? It's witchcraft in disguise, as Derek Prince once called it.

Knowing why and how the enemy attacked the Church on these three witnesses, I am taking it very seriously. Each of the three witnesses have a specific task and purpose. Taking one or all of them away, once again robs the Church from its power. If the enemy cannot do it through leadership, he will try to do it by twisting the truth, which is the Biblical definition of witchcraft as well. What is the only way to protect yourself against that? Test all things; hold fast what is good.

A carrier of blessing or curse

Each item can be used as a carrier of blessing or curse. Every satanist knows this. Everyone in the occult knows this. Every witch knows this. Yet most Christians have no clue about it. If I take an object and pronounce a curse over it, to give it away or to sell it, the new owner will immediately start experiencing the consequences thereof. Most of the time they have no clue where it is coming from or why it is happening. For us, as disciples of Jesus Christ, it is only possible to know what's going on when the Holy Spirit gives us a revelation about it and exposes the works of the enemy. But I've told you earlier that the spiritual world can only access the natural world by faith, so how can such a curse be effective? Simple. By the faith of the one who pronounced the curse.

In the very same way, God's blessings and curses can be transferred as well. By the Blood (the Lord's supper), by the Water (the Word of God) and by the Spirit (the Anointing). For example, in the case of prayer for sickness, it is the prayer of faith that releases God's power (James 5:15), not the Anointing Oil itself. It is a point of contact, but it's only activated by faith. In this example of healing it speaks about the faith of the one who is praying. Faith is the activator. Without faith, nothing happens. In the same way, the Lord's supper is also a point of contact. By taking part, it releases life to the sincere of heart. That are those who confess their sins and acknowledge their guilt, without keeping up appearances. Likewise, those who take part with an insincere heart will suffer the consequences of the curse, which means weakness, sickness and even death (1 Corinthians 11:30). Basically, the Lord is telling you to judge yourself or to be judged by Him (v31). We're talking about serious stuff here!

Can essential oils be used as Anointing Oil?

Absolutely not. It is something totally different. Essential oil is exactly what it says, pure fragrance oil. Anointing Oil is olive oil (more than 90%) with a fragrance. Why should we use wine or grape juice for the Holy Supper? Let's change that for Coca Cola, right? Why use bread? Let's change that for a hamburger, right? Of course not. No one is changing the ingredients of the Lord's Supper. Neither can essential oil be used as Anointing Oil. But why olive oil? Does it have a special meaning? Yes, it does.

The more we die to our ‘self’, the more room it will give to God in our lives. That is not an easy way or an easy process. At many times it will be painful. Your dreams, your emotions, your will and your desires may seem totally crushed at times. Maybe even for a very long time. In these times we are so used to instant results, that we totally forget that most people in the Bible had to wait for many years before they were able to see or perceive even the slightest bit of God’s promises. Their dreams, emotions, will and desires were totally crushed for a long long time. But the outcome of the promise that followed was so much greater than their suffering.

We learn through trials, through hardships, through pain. That is how we are spiritually shaped. That is how we grow to spiritual maturity and to the increase of God’s Anointing in our lives. The image of the oil is an example of that. All the potential, all the talents and even the Anointing are laid in your life by God. But the only way to get it out and to get the most pure form of it, is done in the exact same way how the oil is extracted. Just like the olives need to be crushed in order to get the oil from it, in the same way our ‘flesh’ needs to be crushed as well, after the example that Jesus Christ gave us. Just like the freshly ground oil needs to be heated in order to cleanse it from all the dirt and to make it pure, in the same way we have to go through the fire as well. Just to be clear, that is not the same fire as the hell fire. The fire of God can be best described as the purifying and cleansing fire of His passion and love. Although it may be painful at the moment itself, it will turn you into everything God wants you to be. It speaks of God's power, being released in your weakness. Real health and power comes from above.

Who gets the credit?

Then there is another very important thing. Who gets the credit? Do we honor the creation or the Creator? Do we praise the healing or the Healer? Do we worship the deliverance or the Deliverer? Many essential oils have natural healing properties. Just like we know that it is healthy and to our benefit to eat veggies. At best God is thanked for creating these natural resources, but the credit goes to the oil, for its healing properties. There is no faith needed. None at all. With or without faith, the essential oil will do what it is created to do. It is a classic case of cause and effect. However, the Anointing Oil, that is the real Anointing Oil, which is made of olive oil, will do absolutely nothing on itself. It has zero healing powers and it is no medical drug. Only when used with faith, the power of God is being released. Guess Who gets the credit then? God! For it is His power that saves, heals, delivers and restores. That has nothing to do with oil and everything to do with His love for us. It's all a matter of having the right focus and just doing what He says. God chooses the weak and powerless things for a reason.

On top of all of this, I have seen with my own eyes that there are many shady oils between the essential oils. I've seen a lot of symbolisms on several bottles that are used in satanism, occultism and witchcraft. I'm talking about the most familiar brand of essentials oils here. I know these things have power and influence over the lives of the ones who use it. It is simply an open gate for the enemy to enter your life, when you willingly choose to let these symbolisms enter your house or to apply that oil to your body. I'm not saying that all essential oils are wrong, I'm saying it is a mix of good and bad and you should be very alert on which ones you choose. There is also no way of knowing with what (real) intention an essential oil is made. What words are spoken over the oils? Were there words spoken over the oils? Does it carry a curse? Be assured that there is a reason why satanists, occultists and witches are using these oils as well and even make them.

To use or not to use essential oils

I'm not going to tell you whether you are allowed or should use essential oils or not. Then it becomes legalistic and I want to stay far from that. As a Christian we have a common Friend and that is the Holy Spirit. So, if you must use essential oils, I want to encourage you to test each fragrance, each bottle, together with the Holy Spirit. Simply ask Him to reveal and expose every plan of the enemy and to give you open eyes. In this way you can know which essential oils are safe to use and which ones are not. But when you use them, use them for your own purposes, but never for the Anointing.

So, am I using essential oils? No. I don't judge others for using it, but personally I will never use it. It's not that I'm afraid for it, I just don't feel attracted to it. It's quite the opposite. Once again, that is a personal thing. What I'm saying shouldn't influence your choice whether to use it or not. The only thing that matters is what God has to say about it. I pray a clear vision over you right now, in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST! Now you know. Now you are aware. Now it's up to you to test it.

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