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Happy New Year!

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.
Isaiah 40:5

We wish you all a very happy and blessed 2020! In the past four years the book 'The Anointed Bride' has taught many people about the Anointing and the use of Anointing Oil. It is one of the three witnesses 1 John 5:6-8 is talking about and it is powerful! It is our desire that the knowledge of this topic will be restored to the body of Christ in its fullness. Therefore we're starting this year with a special course on this topic, which will take place in Harderwijk, The Netherlands, starting January 10th.

Not only that but in a few weeks from now we will also publish a brand new course book on this topic! This course book is meant for Bible study groups and individuals. It doesn't only teach, but it allows you to make the journey yourself and to discover what God has to say about it all. Each lesson contains a group assignment, twenty questions, a prayer and a Bible verse to memorize. We hope and pray that it may enrich your knowledge, wisdom and insight on what God has to say about His Anointing. Stay tuned!

The Anointed Bride

Does the Bible mention more about Anointing Oil, than just the Anointing of the sick, in James 5? Yes, it does. Not only did the author build this book upon the Word of God, he also gives you all the 345 Bible references – in 201 chapters – from both the Old and the New Testament.

“God's Anointing is something I cannot live without in my ministry or Kingdom life in general. Robin Prijs has done a thorough job using his gift of teaching to bring clarity to this intriguing subject. His exhaustive research will help you get a better understanding of this all important element of power. I plan to use this writing as a handbook for years to come!”

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